Drain Line Products

There are several different options one can choose when installing a drain line for a septic system, from conventional pipe and gravel to advanced reduction systems.  At Shoaf Precast, Inc. we offer the right products to fit your project.

25% Reduction Systems

                         Infiltrator Chamber System

Quick4 Plus Standard Chamber is easily installed in a 36" wide trench.
Available in 4' lengths to provide optimal installation flexibility.
Size: 34"W x 53"L x 12"H (864 mm x 1346 mm x 305 mm)
Effective Length: 48" (1219 mm)
(Compatible with Quick4 Plus All-In-One 12 End cap)

Chamber systems are easy to install. Engineered for strength and performance, they have greater design flexibility including a smaller footprint as compared with stone and pipe, and are made from recycled materials. These advantages of Infiltrator chambers add up to cost savings on labor, materials and time savings on the job. (View Brochure)




                                 EZ Flow

EZflow by Infiltrator is an environmentally friendly replacement to traditional stone and pipe drain fields using an engineered geosynthetic aggregate modular design. The EZflow system is designed to improve drain field performance by eliminating the fines, and reducing compaction and embedment associated with stone. Preassembled units include a 3" or 4" perforated pipe surrounded by aggregate and held in place with durable, high-strength netting.



50% Reduction System

                                     T & J Panels

A T & J Panel System is an alternate septic treatment system that is installed in place of the standard drain field in a septic system. T & J Panels look like 6 cement blocks that have been epoxied together.  T & J Panels are considered to be a 50% reduction system; meaning where a normal drain field would use 100 ft, the T & J Panels would only require 50 ft of space, ideal for congested or tight jobsites. Each panel measures 8"x16"x46" and weigh about 150 pounds.

T & J Panel systems work by taking effluent from the septic tank and passing it through the porous walls of the panels. The effluent then enters a layer of natural sand that is installed with the panels, finally passing into the surrounding soil. Because of the porosity of the panels and natural sand, tiny aerobic bacteria are allowed to process the effluent very efficiently.

Manifold Boxes

Shoaf Precast offers a full line of pre-assembled Manifold boxes for residential and commercial applications.  We also have all the necessary accessories and fittings to complete your box.

Pressure Manifolds are used to distribute effluent to each line of a drain field.  A Pressure Manifold can be set up for equal distribution when all lines are the same length, or ratio distribution when lines are different lengths.  Give us a call to see which option is best for your application.

Interior Dimensions: 23" X 23" X 16"

Comes complete with:
-2" Ball Valve
-Pressure 4" 90
-2" X 4" Reducer Coupling
-4" Threaded Cap and Plug
-Small Meter Valve Box

Interior Dimensions: 23" X 80" X 26"