Pumps and Control Panels

We offer and stock a large variety of effluent, sewage ejector and grinder pumps; from residential (1/3 hp) applications to large commercial/industrial (100 hp) applications.  We are authorized dealers for Zoeller, Liberty and Myers pumps.  If you are interested in a package deal, we also offer control panels, alarms, rail packages and PVC fittings and valves. Our knowledgeable staff are pleased to assist you in finding the correct pump that best fits your need and any other accessory(s) you may need to complete your project.  Please give us a call for any questions regarding pumps, control panels, alarms and fittings.




Control Panels

In stock and readily available for your job, we are authorized distributors for SJE Rhombus, Alderon and Aquaworx control panels.  Including but not limited to:            

  • Plugger Panels
  • Hard Wired Panels
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex and Quinplex Control Panels
  • Flow Equalization/Time Dose/Demand Dose
  • Inside and Outside Alarm Kits
  • Floats and Switches
  • Float Weights
  • Float Brackets and Hangers